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How TVET can be an engine for green growth.

Watch the Dakchyata's Green Economy Consultant Mr. Anil Chitrakar shared his expertise on how TVET can be an engine for green growth.





Doodle Animation explainer to showcase the Occupational Demand Tool

One of the key outputs of the Dakchyata project (implemented by Bristish Council) has been the development of a new Occupational Demand Tool for Nepal, working in close collaboration with private sector employers and the national TVET authority of Nepal, CTEVT. Doodle Animaton explainer to showcase the Occupational Demand Tool: what it is, who it's for, what are the benefits, and (briefly) how to use.



Greening Nepal's Ecomony: TVET as an Engine for Green Growth

Mr. Anil Chitrakar, a social entrepreneur, showcased some examples and good practices from his grant projects to show why greening TVET is most ecceftive for business, the economy and sustainable employment.


Dakchyata: TVET PPP on World Youth Skills Day 2021- Pujan Koirala

21 year Pujan Koirala, an assistant tea technician talks about the provision for the youth entrepreneurship development.


Dakchyata: TVET PPP on World Youth Skills Day 2021- Anisha Rai

22 year old Anisha Rai, an assistant tea technician talks about the policy to attract the youth in the agriculture sector.


Dakchyata: TVET PPP on World Youth Skills Day 2021- Nisha Rana

20 year old Nisha Rana, a young farmer talks about the importance of alternative commercial farming skills in the post pandemic era. 


Dakchyata: TVET PPP on World Youth Skills Day 2021- Sumnima Rai

21 year old Sumnima Rai, a TVET graduate talks about the importance of acquiring skills and how it helps gain employment


Overview - Public Information Campaign

Launched in February 2020, the Public Information Campaign was originally started as events-based and had to be pivoted to digital mode due to COVID-19. Over three and a half months, the campaign reached more than 7 million people and increased its availability ans access to information to the public on the TVET opportunities.



TVET Voices - Mr. Saurabh Jyoti

Mr. Saurabh Jyoti, Director at Jyoti Group of Companies and Chairman of Syakar Trading Company of Nepal, shares that there should be a balance between the curriculum courses and the actual demand of the market for effective utilization of TVET graduatesin the job market.

He emphasizes that it's imperative to involve private sectors in upgrading the courses  and collaborate among different stakeholders to realize a necessary skill set that TVET offers for employment  opportunities. 

He reiterates that youths can advance the country’s economy if they are equipped with the technical and vocational education that match.


TVET Voices - Mr. Khushi Ram Chaudhary

Mr. Khusi Ram Chaudhary has been working as a housekeeper after graduation. He recites," If one is skilled enough, there is no need to go abroad in search of job opportunities. "

He feels fortunate to grab a handful of TVET skills. He is thrilled to be a TVET graduate because TVET has helped him grow both personally and professionally.


TVET Voices - Mr. Bikash Kumar Mandal

“The current TVET Social Media Campaign aims to provide information on TVET, its employment opportunities, and TVET courses and training. I appreciate CTEVT efforts for positive responses and continuous engagement.” 

Thank you! Bikash Kumar Mandal, one of the top fans of our Page for supporting the campaign with a beautiful video message. We are thrilled to know how the campaign has strengthened the connection between CTEVT and youths.


TVET Voices - Mr. Rup Ram Chapain

"Youths can earn a monthly income of 1.5 lakhs or above from agri-sector with the right skill set in Nepal. Mr. Rup Ram Chapain-Managing Director of Quality Hatchery and Agriculture Pvt. Ltd."

In the video, he shares his willingness to hire a skilled Firm Manager locally. He mentions that youths with appropriate skills can initiate self-employment programs promoting the national economy.


TVET Voices - Mr. Raju Thapa Chhetri

Raju Thapa Chhetri expresses his sincere thanks to CTEVT for equipping his daughter Anuja Thapa with the required skills.

He shares, "I am relieved to discover a TVET institution- a practical learning based college which perfectly fits my daughter's interest to study Diploma in Hotel Management."

He further accepts TVET develops a strong foundation to produce skilled and efficient human resources enabling them to sustain their livelihoods.


TVET Voices - Ram Bahadur Bhandari

Ram Bahadur Bhandari, President of Tikapur Chamber of Commerce and Industry shares the need for all related stakeholders to coordinate to make TVET programmes employer-driven.




TVET Voices - Mr. Ishwor Saud

Ishwor Saud is supportive of her daughter’s choice to study ISc.Ag. (Intermediate of Science inAgriculture) at Tikapur Polytechnic Institute. Listen to what he has to say about TVET!


TVET Voices - Ms. Sunyana Palikhe

Sunayana Palikhe, Chairperson of Barahi Bakery, Pokhara relates her career advancement with technical education she received from the TVET. She shares, ‘Technical education and vocational training cam empower everyone. We should concentrate on skills development for self competency.’


TVET Voices - Priyanka Yadav

Priyanka Yadav, a student of veterinary science at BP Memorial Polytechnic Institute aspires to be a women veterinarian. She Shares that TVET is ultimately supporting her to meet her goals.


TVET Voices - Mr. Kalu Hamal

"Anybody can do. Anywhere can be done." For decades, I have been practicing commercial farming, and I can tell from my experience " the sector has enormous scope and possibilities for youth." says Mr. Kalu Hamal, a pioneer entrepreneur in banana farming. He adds, "I am confident TVET graduates can make high profits with knowledge and skills that TVET provides. He request the youth to join this affordable, creative, and original agri-business. 






TVET Voices - Mr. Manoj Kumar Karn

Helping students to choose the right career path is the ideal goal of every school. Mr. Manoj Kumar Karn, Principal of Shree Laxminiya Janata Secondary School, states that the school supports students by providing information on the benefits of TVET courses so that young people can choose to make a decision themselves. He mentions that technical education helps young people become self-reliant.

He explains considering the importance of technical education in today's competitive market; students must be provided as much information on TVET opportunities.


TVET Voices - Garima KC

Meet Garima, a PROUD TVET student. She holds a Diploma in Hotel Management (DHM) from Pokhara Technical School. She shares how TVET is helping her step towards chosen goals. She believes that skills and practical knowledge are crucial in today's world of competition. So, she strongly recommends you to join the TVET


TVET Voices- Shambhu Yadav

Shambhu Mairbaita Yadav, General Manager of ISNB Builders Pvt. Ltd links technical education with professional expertise and practical knowledge to be employed in every sector. He shares that TVET courses are designed in a way to target competent students' skills for employability and development.


Creating Skills for Nepal’s Growth and Development – Introducing Dakchyata’s support to TVET

The three-minute doodle animation highlights the work of the Dakchyata Project, effectively articulating its core values, mission, vision, key strategies and intervention areas. It provides a summary of Dakchyata’s key activities and outcomes thus far, emphasising on the importance of private sector collaboration in TVET. 


TVET Voices - Kabita Shahi

Kabita Shahi, TVET learner from Tikapur, strongly believes if we have the right skill-set, not only can we sustain our livelihood but also generate employment opportunities for others. She hopes with her skills, she can eventually contribute in reviving the agriculture sector.


TVET Voices - Mr. Sanu Raja Bajracharya

Mr. Sanu Raja Bajracharya, a TVET graduate who led an illustrious career as LT. Colonel, HoD. Helicopter Engineering, DGGA, Nepal army for 32 years, is now working as a Quality Manager at Prabhu Helicopter Pvt. Ltd post his retirement. All because he was equipped with the right skill. Hear him speak on the importance of being skilled and how a skilled workforce contributes to national development.


TVET Voices: Mr. Sumit Kedia

Mr. Sumit Kedia, Owner of Sitaram Gokul Milks Pvt. Ltd of the Kedia Group of Industries and an entrepreneur shares the need of employers, employees, and educational units to come together for a productive output. Listen to what he has to say.


TVET Voices: Pushpa Basnet

Pushpa Basnet, CNN Super Hero 2016, shares why Technical and Vocational Education and Trainings are important for skills development.


Documentary: TVET opportunities

A documentary showcasing TVET opportunities as part of the Dakchyata TVET Public Information launched in FEB 2020.


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